Free Class with Purchase

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Do you have someone asking for a sewing machine and they are not an experienced sewer?  Don’t just buy a Machine; purchase a Sewing Machine with a free lesson. Sewing machines are very precise; if the person sewing on the machine doesn’t use it correctly the machine will not work right.  The more a person understands their machine the more they will use it.  If you don’t understand your machine, sewing projects will be more frustrating. It’s important to know what your machine is designed to handle so you don’t break the machine.  According to the mechanics in our stores, most machine repairs are caused by a person not using a sewing machine correctly.

 There are many types of sewing machines, our machines sell for $99.00 and up.  As a dealer we can help you purchase the right machine for your needs. Purchase a sewing machine from us this holiday season and we will give a free 2 hour lesson.   Purchase a combination sewing and embroidery machine and receive another free 2 hour lesson.  We will be there for you when you have questions or want to learn more about accessories and techniques.  Support your local dealer and we will be there to assist and help you enjoy your new sewing machine.