Kids Sewing Classes

Students must finish a level before moving on to the next level. Students sew at their own pace, most finish a level in about a year. September - June Levels 1, 2 and Sewing for the Seasons one hour per week Monday - Friday or sign up for more than one class.   

Level 1 Beginners Pajama Party:
Learn how to use a Sewing Machine and understand sewing terms in
patterns. Students use Cotton and Non Stretch Fabrics and make clothing
items to sleep in.  

Level 2 Returning Students Stretch Patterns: 
Students use a Sewing Machine, Serger and Stretch Fabrics to make some
trendy wearable clothes.   

Sewing for the Seasons: 
This class is for students that finished Level 1 and 2 and want to stay
with the Level 1 and Level 2 class times. In this class we encourage
students to become more creative with the skills they have learned
to make gift and crafty items.
(None of the items from the Summer Camp will be sewn.)    

Level 3 Project Runway Beginner Designing: 
Students learn simple hand embroidery, embellishment, design and draping and create their own dress pattern on a miniature dress form that they make. Students will display their design at the end of the year and be judged by teachers and other students (no pressure, judging will be done in a fun way).   

 Level 4 Recycle Redesign: 
Students use their sewing skills and bring used clothes, fabrics
etc....from home or thrift stores to redesign into something new.

Students Can Enroll At Anytime of Year.  ‚Äč

Our goal in classes is to teach the basics of sewing then let the child explore their creative side. When your child reaches Level 3 and 4 and then works as an assistant teacher your child learns to be more innovative and creative. Surprisingly and sadly these are some of the hardest skills for our students to achieve, knowing how to think outside the box, be innovative and figuring out how to accurately make something themselves from start to finish are great skills to have in their future. In more ways than one Sewing is a life skill.

LearnMy Machine:  How to use a Sewing Machine.

10:30 - 12:30  One Saturday A Month

Price:  $75.00 one 2 hour session

Use our machine or yours.  Learn how to operate and sew on a sewing machine.  The mechanics of the machine will be identified, discussed and demonstrated:  Threading, bobbin, needles, width and length, accessories....  If you are bringing your own machine bring your manual, foot control, bobbins and any accessories.  Only 8 students per class.  Registration and payment required to hold your spot.


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November 2018

12:00 - 5:00

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