Purchasing a Sewing Machine?


When purchasing a Sewing Machine know what will be sewn with the machine.  We sell Sewing Machines that range from $99.00 to $14,000.00.  The more the machine cost the more it is capable of doing.

 If you are purchasing a machine for a beginner we highly recommend a speed controlled both for safety and accuracy. Don’t let sticker price be your guide.  It’s important to know that a lightweight less expensive machine that is commonly sold online and in the big discount stores may not sew all fabrics.  These machines have a plastic housing and many plastic parts and may be frustrating to a person that wants to sew a variety of projects with different fabrics like we do in our classes.  A quality line of machines will be more durable than other machines sold online and in discount stores.  The most popular machines we sell have a metal housing and are made with quality components which include:  automatic threader, easy to select stitches, have preset stitch length and stitch width that can be changed, automatic reverse and speed control all the features that are perfect for the beginning sewer. 

We also give a 2 hour free lesson with these models.  After taking your free lesson increase your sewing knowledge and join one of our many Sewing Classes, Quilting Classes and Quilt Club, Embroidery Class and Embroidery Club.  The better you understand your machine the more they you will use it and use it safely.