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Summer Regular Sewing Classes (not Summer Camp) 

This is the same sewing program that we teach year long.  For the Summer Program you sign up for the dates you will attend.  Students can continue in our regular classes during the year.

Students must finish a level before moving on to the next level. Students sew at their own pace, most finish a level in about a year.

 Level 1 Beginners Pajama Party: Learn how to use a Sewing Machine and understand sewing terms in patterns. Students use Cotton and Non Stretch Fabrics and make clothing items to sleep in.  

Level 2 Returning Students Stretch Patterns:  Students use a Sewing Machine, Serger and Stretch Fabrics to make some trendy wearable clothes.   

Sewing for the Seasons:  This class is for students that finished Level 1 and 2 and want to stay with the Level 1 and Level 2 class times. In this class we encourage students to become more creative with the skills they have learned to make gift and crafty items.

For the Summer sign your child up for the days she will attend.   Sign up for one class or more classes.  We offer a sewing kit that you can purchase for new students. The kit includes a seam gauge, seam ripper, glass head pins, pin cushion, measuring tape and scissors, 1 spool of thread and a bobbin (all items we use in our classes).  Students get a 20% discount on fabric and notions and patterns that are purchased.  We email a bill with any purchases at the end of each month. 

Summer Sewing Camp

June - August

Sign up for one class or more

*No Interest payments for 5 or more classes.

We offer 5 hour Summer Camps. Children are dropped off at 10:30 and stay till 3:30 to make a project in a day. Pack a lunch for your child; we will have a lunch break. Classes are limited to 6/8 in a class and fill fast, so sign up soon with your friends. The cost of our camp is $90.00 per day and includes the cost of supplies. We have kept the cost as low as possible. If you need to drop your child off earlier and/or pick them up later we can arrange for one of our staff to be here and you can pay them for the extra time. 

6/8 Students per session 
2/3 Teachers per session 
Speed Controlled Brother Project Runway Sewing Machines 
One machine for each child
One cutting and pinning area per child
Air Conditioned

Email me for more information. Everyday is a new project, we have projects for all levels of sewing.